Saturday, February 25, 2006

thirty three

thirty two

Friday, February 17, 2006


thursday or friday night

Thursday, February 16, 2006



Monday, October 24, 2005

untitled no 1

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Wednesday, August 31, 2005

all poets are alchemists

(day six: 6.342km, 304.4kcal, 10571 steps)

and magicians and apothecaries of words and blood and love as it flows from me into you into me again and everywhere

john and his friend henry used to live here quite a while back. the parties were legendary as you can imagine, they would sometimes go on for days, dawn after night after day of dragons dancing and singing and kissing, john then got a few books of verse published and buggered off to nw3, never found out what henry did

bermondsey it scares me

white grounds of blue houses, painted and barred for your convenience
metallic louvres of air leading to gelding place: there are no handles on those steel doors, is there a code or a touch or a thought?

the royal marines with their high pitched ropes have taken over lilliput hall

once upon a time, your beige brick double glazed imitation cottage roofs came from ikea (inside your fairytales you play happy families most weekends)

bermondsey it scares me (everything is on sale in bermondsey)

i cant be going the right way which way wrong way turn the map around and around jamaica road is wide i like it, where does it go

on balconies: oh hello, putting your washing up? yes im putting my washing up while our caretaker washes the windows, hello, james, his poor wife is very ill, such a nice man and all, james, fancy a cuppa? let me finish this window first, is your son coming later? (fade out)

follow a path of dried leaves, crunching under foot, estate teenage boys, open the gate for the car, breathe in breathe out, this is no hellmouth, there was no cemetary here, no ghosts or crooked leylines

bermondsey it scares the shit out of me

and then i get to the river

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

will you be waiting for me in the star alley?

(day five: 4.768km, 269.6kcal, 7947 steps)
vroom vroom in the dwarfmobile, deeper and deeper under ground, what would you like today, madam? oh, i will have one trillion coins today, thank you
up, on some different stairs, feed the birds tuppence a bag, feed the rats with wings banned from every single rail station in london
on a day like this the city is a hostile boiling cage of compasses and throgmortons (heehawing happily after a good lunch)
on a day like this the city doesnt like me and i dont like it back
glass steel concrete concrete steel concrete 17th century christopher wren church glass steel concrete concrete concrete glass
blinded by the neon sign, ‘welcome to the plantation palace,’ you will never want to leave
past mincing lane where the underwriters are the butchers of today
through seething lane and crutched friars into the savage gardens
this is where yeah thats ok
this is where oh this gas is bugging me, my stomachs been funny all day, all we had was that pizza last night
this is where i guess i could
this is where are we there yet mummy
this is where your boyfriend said hed text you didnt he i bet you he forgot i bet you he got off with whatshername shes such a bitch she really is are you bovvered
this is where oh that looks interesting look at those drawings
this is where you can be so selfish sometimes i never said a word i hate arguing in public
this is where what this way
this is where i cant remember
this is where i love you

pine trees in fair street still smell sweetly (secret garden gate, secret garden, unkempt)
what does ‘dare quam accipere’ mean?
the cat and cucumber café has been closed due to the stupidity of the name. also affected: topnotch health clubs (“dare 2b different”)
under the bridge, druids are celebrating deities of porsche and scrap metal